Brusatori s.r.l.


Main accessory for all motor series


Brushless motors

Incremental encoder+HALL HENGSTLER F18
Encoder SinCos ERN 1385 (check ERN 1387 in the datasheet) Incremental encoder+HALL ERN 1323 4096 ppr
Encoder EnDat EQN 1325 Encoder SICK SEK/SEL 52
Encoder SinCos SICK Incremental encoder+HALL SICK
Brake serie BS    

Asyncronous motors

VFS60 BFK Brake BFK (for motors VT71/80/90)
VFS60 Encoder SinCos SICK K Brake series K (for motos VT100/VT132)
RE15 Resolver RE15 (for motors VT71/80/90)  
Resolver RE21 (for motors VT100/VT132)  

DC current motors



Tacho with shaft FDB (series CC/ML)
K Brake series K
FDBL Tacho with shaft suitable for encoder FDB-L (series CC/ML)  
SDB Hollow tacho SDB (series CC/ML)  
SDC Hollow tacho SDC (series MP)    
  Incremental encoder EH/EL 115 (series CC/ML)    




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