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Motori brushless


The BR serie servomotors has been designed to offer the highest dynamic performance and the maximum flexibility. The Boron Iron Neodymium magnets with high energy production allow to get a motor with high specific power, bearing high overload without any risk of demagnetization. The magnetic circuit has been studied to allow the motors to produce sinusoidal power with reduced torque ripples. Low rotor inertia allow strong accelerations and decelerations. The servomotors are compatible with any drive directly fed by power grid: 220/240Vac and 380/460Vac up to size 7 and 380/460 Vac up to size 9.

Main features

  • Winding: three-phase with Y connection without accessibile neutral wire
  • Winding insulation: class H according to CEI 2-3 (2000)
  • Thermal dimensioning: class F (?Tmax=105K) according to CEI EN 60034-1 (2000)
  • Protection degree: IP54 according to CEI EN 60034-5 (2001)
  • Feedback device: two poles resolver
  • Cooling: IC 410 (motor without self-ventilation), IC 416 (motor with self-ventilation) according to CEI EN 60034-6 (1997)
  • Balancing degree: G 2,5 according to ISO 1940 (1993) (half-key balancing for key shafts according to CEI 2-23 (1993))
  • Bearings: lubricated for life
  • Thermal protection: thermal cutout with normally closed contact. Operating temperature 130±5°C. (Ceiling voltage 250Vac, maximum current 5Aac)
  • Flange: IM B5 according to CEI EN 60034-7 (1993)
  • Running position: any
  • Colour: black
  • Reference conditions: ambient temperature +40°C, max. height 1000m above sea level.
  • Storage temperature: -10°C ÷ +70°C


  • Feedback device: digital encoder + Hall sensors, SinCos encoder, absolute encoder EnDat, absolute encoder Hyperface
  • Protection degree: IP65 (motor without self-ventilation) according to CEI EN 60034-5 (2001)
  • Movable MIL connector for power and signal IP54 or IP65
  • Holding brake
  • Smooth shaft
  • Flange: IM B3, IM B35 according to CEI EN 60034-7 (1993)
  • Terminal board with power terminal block (for the sizes 5 and 7)
  • Oil seal (it is assembled only when the coupling is oil-bath librificated)
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