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DC laminated motors ML series


DC motors ML series have been designed to meet all the industrial application requirements, which ask for machines with adjustable speed and torque in a wide and precise field. All motors have completely laminated square stators and use high quality and high efficiency magnetic lamination, with low losses.

Specifications and selection table

Main features

  • Winding coils insulation: class F according to CEI EN 60034-1
  • Thermal dimensioning: class F according to CEI EN 60034-1
  • Protection degree: IP23 according to CEI EN 60034-5
  • Cooling: IC 06 (for motor IP23) according to CEI EN 60034-6
  • Balancing degree: G 2,5 according to ISO 1940-1 (1993) (half-key balancing for key shafts according to CEI 2-23)
  • Mounting arrangement: IM B5 e IMB35 (IM3001)
  • Lubricated for life ball bearings
  • Thermal protection: thermal cut-out with normally closed contact. Operating temperature 130°C±5°C. (Maximum voltage 250Vac, maximum current 6Aac)
  • Colour: Blue RAl 5010
  • Reference conditions: environment +40°C, max. height 1000m above sea level.
  • Storage temperature: -20°C ÷ +70°C

Standard encoder (on request)

Standard tachogenerator (on request)


ML71 / ML 80 ML 100 / ML 112    
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