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DC current servomotor with permanent magnet


The DC servomotors with permanent magnets MP series are produce in different mechanical configuration, different nominal speed and different main voltage. They permit to obtain high continuos torque and high dinamics. Thanks to specific contruction they permit to obtain very uniform rotation with an error less to 1 or 2 rpm.

Main Features

  • Winding coils insulation: class F according CEI EN 60034-1
  • Thermal dimensioning: classe F acoording CEI EN 60034-1
  • Protection degree: IP44 according CEI EN 60034-5
  • Cooling: IC 410 (per motore IP54) secondo CEI EN 60034-6
  • Construction shape: IM B5 or IM B14 according CEI EN 60034-7
  • Ferrite magnets


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